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The first is walked mesh belt machine running stable. In a lot of the necessary operating panic consumption units, such as power plant coal walks, steel mills and cement plants of loose materials for walks, and the port of ship handling within walked all use mesh belt machine. Such as downtime in these places, the loss is huge. Requirements, mesh belt walks machine able to continue to work one by one. Mesh belt walks move consumption is low. Because of lack of relative material and stainless steel mesh belt can move, not only make the running small resistance ( About a third of scraper machine walks - 1/5) And wear and breakage to the cargo are small, high rate of consumption. These are conducive to reduce consumption. Mesh belt machine walks walks lines strong compliance and naive. The line length according to need. Short a few meters, up to more than 10 km. To devices within the small tunnel, can also be set up in the air traffic disorder and damage area. On the basis of process requests, mesh belt walks function special is very naive by material from one or more points. Can also be to multipoint or segments discharge. When in a few points to the stainless steel net belt charging at the same time, Such as coal bunker under walks machine) Or walked along the mesh belt captain degrees on the direction of a scanning through the average feeding equipment to the stainless steel net brings, mesh belt walked walks machine has become an important main line. Stainless steel mesh belt machine walks have brought a lot of convenience for the enterprise, is widely applied in various industries, food, coal, port, metallurgy and machinery manufacturing and other industries. Use stainless steel mesh belt machine walks, make enterprise consumption has become a figure, people can according to own need to choose the type of stainless steel mesh belt machine walks. Stainless steel machine walks in the food industry is the universal application, dryer can be used for food, vegetables, seafood cleaning sterilization machine, pasteurization machine and so on. Using the mesh belt walks machine, makes the homework not only lunch but quickly. For the stainless steel mesh belt can be made into various mechanical to content the demand of the market. Food walks machine has become the indispensable consumer devices, people according to their own need to select walks machine equipment, and consciously.
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