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The surface of the plastic coated wire can also coating polyethylene PE, PVC than more resistant to ageing, PE is softer than PVC colorful PE, plastic coated wire gabion mesh quotation with general galvanized gabion quotation is a little higher, but after the plastic coated wire gabion much higher than general galvanized gabion function, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and stronger surface not only more beautiful, environmental protection and beautification function is more outstanding, so the goods is widely in water conservancy, roads, urban ecological garden construction to use in your project. The goods in the construction of ecological project has the following advantages: 1. Construction concise do not need special skills, shipping costs is small, the cages can be folded, on site installation; Comparing the traditional rigid concrete protective structure construction more concise, agile and is not affected by climate and environmental elements. 2. The structure can be closely links constitute an organic whole, is malleable and flexible, and can resist high pressure intensity, can accept a wide range of deformation and rupture characteristic; Rigid protective structure and concrete pouring is adopted to form water does not have the flexible protection system, can't resist the damage brought by the uneven settlement. 3. More convenient for construction in the process of material selection, just put the stones into the cage sealing. The design of Y type frame: ( 1) 2 the post. 3 - 2. 4 meters, underground plant 0. 5 - 0. 6 meters, the floor part 1. 8 m. ( 2) On the ground zero, respectively. 7 meters, 1. 2 m, 1. 7 meters length of three 0. 5 meters, 0. 8 m, 1 m long bar, isometric on both ends of the requirements, and at the ends of the bar anterograde each pull a plastic coated wire, at the same time at ground zero. 5 metres in a column on each side of a plastic coated wire. In the column on both sides of the four plastic coated wire, complete frame type.
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