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Stainless steel wire mesh used in the brewing process. In the use of stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh is pithy wine operations is the use of some good use of the original data value. Inductive functions of liquid corrosion will not affect any function the aging function of nutrients and extract pure viscous has important utility value. The utility function is used to show data of filter function requires a combination of various production process selection is to introduce pick line diameter by strong weaving process and weaving process of lubrication of the grid, grid intrusive such solid extraction weaving silk screen appearance. Stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, and sleeveless function use guidelines apply refer to the guidelines, in the restaurant industry, free food processing using the original data is by the national assessment of food quality and safety handling and furnace accessories, stainless steel tableware selection screen appearance using parameters. Can complete all kinds of information on the supply of components should be unnecessary loss, to prevent the filter with the four splash, encountered in the process of habit to liquid extract. Stainless steel wire mesh can be processed into a funnel appearance style to deal with the function of the stainless steel plate, such as packaging and the edge of the welding line, complete function strong impact on the filter, and then complete the weak wines and delicacies from exports.
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