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Facilities of the unique place, compact structure of the preset closely, functional diversification, superficial, filtering effect is good, can complete topped self-cleaning filtration, helps to reduce the suspended solids content of raw water, and the use of special material, use fixed number of year long survival. Office principle, is to wash facilities: what is wash that is a normal filter action, only the orientation of the valve to change is to wash. Sewage through the booster pump to increase pressure on the valve on later be sent to the sand filter, through constant switching multi-way valve, water through the sand from the water after the hat, from its center to the upper, and finally from the discharge outlet. Backwashing: backwashing is also very simple, only need to change the valve to the backwashing orientation, basic operation process is the same as the above steps. Water from the bottom of the sand washed up, make the sand is bone, so can make the accumulated pollutants washed away, finally from the discharge outlet. Operation: principles and before washing, backwashing are the same, because they can complete the multi-way valve switch, the water will discharge from the outlet. Filtering: first, turn the valve to the orientation of the backwashing water will pass through inlet core rod inside the facilities from down to up wash it again. From the discharge outlet of dirty water. 10 - - 15 minutes after this again to switch the valve to is the orientation of the washing, water will from the inlet, from the leadership of the filter material flowing downwards, so the rest of the dirty water from the discharge outlet. The whole process takes 10 - - About 15 minutes, at the last turn the valve to work orientation, filter facilities running regularly and scour, principle and the previous description are the same.
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