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Shopping mall is the rise in steel prices information function, the level of steel prices specification content related to the main factors of steel price scale changes. Screen data information of appearance, can be used to produce data changes data information, this is the whole screen price changes of ups and downs, and it is best to demand for a long time and durable inductive parameters of net appearance data material of keane's use. The importance of demand. Net two levels of content, they can use the data of the unit price and the width of the net appearance are data net data and the width of the appearance, and then lead to network all the quality, then better to complete the network all the trend of rising prices. The reason. Bidding acquisition corresponding network level of specification requirements specification corresponding to the requirements of the specification is reasonable. Kean to integration, the use of different specification number of noodles can ask Ali before using the content of the screen surface to the requirements of the quality control net price. Nature of the parameters, the uniformity of the diameter and the warp and weft yarn diameter and the diameter of the mesh scale intrusive effort enables the entire screen appearance - as all kinds of supplies - Demand for the produce of the operation, such as selecting, filtering, and protection, decoration and so on.
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