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we are usually called number all the number of the stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh screen, describe the mesh, wire diameter, hole diameter, material, technical parameters such as effective screen surface, the number of unit length is usually described in mm ( mm) As the standard.
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the simplest case is the cumulative effect of these two factors leading to the corrosion environment, stress free metal materials, corrosion damage of small, when under constant pressure, sometimes although stress is much lower than the ultimate strength stainless steel net itself, through for a period of time, or even stainless steel net a good ductility will be broken.
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the heat treatment temperature and contact CrNiMo austenitic stainless steel cold drawn wire coiling impact tensile spring refers to the structure and function of time. Tensile spring wire and tempering, the tempering temperature Φ. Mm CrNiMo respectively,,,, ℃, and at each temperature for? After hours, incubate cooling.
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stainless steel stainless steel wire mesh specification with atmospheric oxidation resistance is stainless steel, together with acid, alkali salt medium corrosion or corrosion resistance. But it is the size of the corrosion resistance of steel and its chemical composition, and both sides of the position, and change the using conditions and environmental medium types, such as, in the atmosphere dry cleaning, must have excellent corrosion resistance, but it moved to coastal areas, contains a lot of salt in the sea fog, it will soon be rusty, steel and reflect. Stainless steel wire mesh fence to do in maoming city

I value level corresponding to the type of sleep, high and actually show better instructions, some specifications corresponding habit I the type of noodles, better hate is better than my two tanks pool types.
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screen piece of article of the material and the surrounding screen band form cylindrical packing tray assembly together. The main specification: stainless steel wire mesh: M * M mesh wire diameter. 毫米/。 MM wire mesh stainless steel filler, widely used in high efficiency packing world has heat resistance, large gaps, flux, low resistance, the separation efficiency of advanced features. Yunfu mat type nets stainless steel net how

drum top stainless steel wire mesh layers, may occur when intertwined steel wire has serious deformation, cannot use. Above is a common damage types of stainless steel wire mesh, if you look carefully, will find the common type of damage can be avoided.
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