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The mechanical properties of stainless steel wire mesh overview - Stainless steel wire mesh


heat resistant, stainless steel, heat-resistant performance refers to the high temperature performance, both the oxidation or gas medium corrosion resistance of the thermal stability, in the high temperature at the same time two have enough strength that hot strong sex.
2, the mechanical properties of stainless steel
whether or heat-resistant steel, stainless steel plate shape the best comprehensive properties of steel, austenite have enough strength, and has excellent plasticity and hardness is not high also, this is also one of the reasons they are widely used. Austenite stainless steel size with the vast majority of other similar metal materials, its tensile strength, yield strength and hardness, as the temperature of the lower and higher; The plastic is decrease with temperature decrease. The tensile strength in temperature ~ & _. html; C range of growth is relatively uniform. More important is: with the loss of the temperature, the impact toughness decrease slowly, there is no brittle transition temperature. So stainless steel at low temperature can keep enough plasticity and toughness.
3, the physical properties of the stainless steel
and the physical properties of the stainless steel and carbon steel data contrast, slightly higher than the density of carbon steel stainless steel, ferrite and martensite in shape and slightly lower than that of austenite size stainless steel; Resistivity according to carbon steel, iron, grain size, shape and austenite martensite stainless steel increasing sorting; Linear expansion coefficient of the size of a similar sort, minimal austenite size highest stainless steel and carbon steel; Carbon steel, iron, grain size and martensite stainless steel magnetic, austenite size non-magnetic stainless steel, but its cold hardening generated into austenite phase change will produce a magnetic, can be used heat treatment method to eliminate the martensite structure and restore its non-magnetic.
austenite size compared with stainless steel and carbon steel, has the following characteristics:
) High electric Yin rate, which is about times of carbon steel.
  ) Large linear expansion coefficient, % larger than carbon steel, and with the increase of temperature, the linear expansion coefficient value also correspondingly improved.
  ) Low thermal conductivity, which is about/carbon steel.
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