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As is known to all, stainless steel metal hose is composed of steel wire nets, joint and bellows. We all know that wire mesh is set by the overlapping of several strands of wire or several bursts metal band woven in a certain order, but for the application in different industries of stainless steel metal hose wire mesh sets of the required material is also different. So what are the material of steel wire net? Small diameter of the outside line of wire mesh, stainless steel metal hose is large diameter stainless steel metal hose is the steel lining, its purpose is to more comprehensive work under high pressure, so as to help the service life of the stainless steel hose. But the manufacture of stainless steel metal hose material only 304 stainless steel material. 321 or stainless iron material, external steel wire for 321 material, more common than Q235 carbon steel material is better, but compare with 304 stainless steel material is less, but in particular competitive prices, and higher service life. To remember that oh, the material of wire mesh is not 316 l material. Thus, stainless steel metal hose is mainly applicable to need fully flexible duct and prevent the premises piping vibration. Has good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance, erosion resistance, and many other features, for steam, gas, air, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other all share. Therefore, request the material of stainless steel metal hose steel wire net to differ, we want to consider using occasions when the choose and buy to buy stainless steel metal hose.
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