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The installation of the Seine

Now the zoo construction, cannot leave a call & lt; Animal purse Seine & gt; Products, alias stainless steel rope mesh. Because it is the advantages of quite, such as size at random, the use of any size. Willfulness good does not rust, high strength, use for a long time. Buffer force is strong, to protect themselves and to protect the animals. Too many advantages, the practical value and decoration.

animal fence installation, convenient, don't need too much technology. Stainless steel rope connection screws, stainless steel card buckle or rings, stainless steel wire, stainless steel screws and other accessories, make the finished product animal purse Seine, pull up installed in, in advance, or other structures on the welded metal is become.

check after installed, fasteners is rigid, connecting part whether compact. Late extra installed rope head removed, no maintenance. If you have any questions or other problems can contact us, serve you wholeheartedly.
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