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For a long time, all aspects of the barrier in our day. No matter in the office, classrooms, hospitals are still family, stainless steel wire mesh is always as ensure the safety of the people, but the quality of different stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer is different. The following are some of the strength stainless steel wire mesh. This product without welding apart assembling. Appearance can't see the screw. Join tight, no loose fall off phenomenon. Packaging, transport, installation is convenient. Aluminum components as long as one-third of iron, steel, copper or bronze. This product weight light, easy to machining, shipping economy. Compared with traditional raw material, aluminum material hardness can against the larger tensile and impact, together with better elasticity. For stainless steel mesh appearance with polarity appearance such as oxidation treatment, make the products with high corrosion resistance. Aluminium surface anodic oxidation treatment according to the industrial standard. Natural metallic luster or frosted and electrophoresis process can obtain any hope of appearance. The product is mainly made of high strength aluminum alloy material, the T5 heat treatment process, greatly improving the stretching and contraction function of the product. Product is the interval between many test results, this has not only played the maintenance effect, and improved the appearance of the visual effect. Personalized color choose, can according to your request free matching stainless steel mesh, make your personalized needs matching with the environment.
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