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The industry development of stainless steel wire mesh? - Stainless steel wire mesh


the industry development of stainless steel wire mesh?
stainless steel is to point to in the air, water, steam and other weak not rusting, corrosion medium in strong corrosive medium such as acid, alkali, salt solution in the corrosion resistance of steel. Stainless mainly containing chromium and the mechanism of the surface form of very thin chromium oxide film, isolated oxygen steel and the outside world, so as to prevent rusting. Therefore, stainless steel, in essence, is a kind of high iron base alloy steel, belongs to a kind of special steel, because of its extensive application, it is called the biggest special steel.
the grades of stainless steel, composition, performance, each different. Commonly used classification method mainly according to the main chemical composition of steel ( Characteristics of the element) And organizational structure, and the combination of the two methods for classification.
forward-looking industry institute released in the transformation and upgrading of Chinese stainless steel industry development prospect forecast and analysis report according to the survey, Chinese stainless steel production in the proportion of global stainless steel production increased year by year, and have been the first in the world. All stainless steel crude steel production in China. Ten thousand tons, the year-on-year increase. Ten thousand tons of growth. %。
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