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The improvement and application of stainless steel net conveyer advantage __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

by:Candurs     2020-07-23
Net conveyor in use fully reflects its unique performance, whether high temperature, high humidity or corrosive net conveyor can easily adapt to the environment and food. The prominent property of the conveyor is the key to making the material of the net, and not all transportation equipment have this performance. Every product has its certain features, otherwise can't get further development and application, more cannot obtain the customers agree, today, we have to mention stainless steel net conveyer, too, from the production technology has gained further improvement. Net conveyor line strong adaptability. Modern network conveyor in a cross-country laying. Has developed from trough to circular tube shape, it can turn in a horizontal and vertical plane, to break the limitation of the groove form conveyor can't turn, thus can mountain backer, and walk along the terrain, can save a lot of repairing the tunnels, Bridges, infrastructure investment; Net conveyer loading is very convenient. Net conveyor according to process needs, can be in progress at any point on the outfit, unloading. Circular tube try conveyor. Can also return period of jacket, discharge, reverse transportation. Stainless steel net conveyer performance is good, large capacity, such as how much advantages, is advantageous to the equipment removal characteristics, therefore, in the glass industry enterprises has been widely used in food industry. But driven mesh conveyor installation of the main part of the existing specification model, because of its structure is unreasonable, high accident rate, seriously affected the normal operation of the conveyor. On the basis of many years of consumption theory, we analyzed the stress of the transmission installation defects and drum structure, switching network drives greatly reduces the damage accident driver installation, the effect is very good.
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