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Net belt conveyer in the use of fully embodies the function of it's common, whether it is a high temperature, high humidity or corrosive environment and food net belt conveyer can be easily used. Net belt conveyer of the outstanding feature is the key to making mesh belt material, not all transport equipment has this function. Each product yield has some characteristics of itself, also won't be able to make further development and use, more cannot obtain broad user mutual recognition, today we have to mention stainless steel mesh belt conveyer, too, from the production technology has also made further improvement. Net belt conveyer circuitry of habitual. Modern net belt conveyer in cross-country laying, already from channel to carry out the circular tube, it can turn on the level and straight, broke the grooved belt conveyer can't turn the constraints. Therefore mountain backer, terrain following, can save a lot of tunnels, Bridges, infrastructure investment; Net belt conveyer loading is very convenient. Net belt conveyer according to process requirements, can be in progress at any point on the outfit, discharging. So is a circular tubular belt conveyer. Also can in return period of jacket, discharge, reverse. Stainless steel mesh belt transporter function good, large capacity, such as how much strengths, is advantageous to the equipment remove features, therefore, in the glass professional enterprise has been widely used in food industry. But net belt conveyer driven equipment the first part of the existing standard model, because of its structure is unreasonable, high trouble rate, seriously affected the normal operation of belt conveyer. On the basis of many years of consumption theory, we analyzed the driving force of the equipment faults and the drum structure, transform with network drive device greatly reduces the damage to the issue of drive device, the effect is very good. Mentioned detailed improving net belt conveyer, we improved the structure, and increased the strength of the mesh belt and availability, neither on the width is still on the length of unconditional elsewhere. Meanwhile net belt conveyer baffle and side panel also can undertake interlock hinge pin, become one of the transporter of all parts. More important is to improve the stainless steel mesh belt conveyer to shorten the time from the interval, we don't have to running around in the transmission, and the ability to put things in the shipped on board can send bag yesterday, and produce processing speed is improved continuously, therefore, we through the mesh belt conveyer to save time and manpower are invested in the processing and packaging, power is increased.
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