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The game's enlightenment

Likes to play a game, the arch pig. Leisure and have some fun, very interesting. The reason, passion, mainly it is a skill, not only for what is more important in the game contains a lot of philosophy. Perhaps life is not a game, but the game often reflect the thinking and psychology.

buy vegetables on the market, the hiring registration. Recruitment don't have to actually get what talent market, in fact, field observation of is the best place for talent. The so-called 'wine field character, card games to see talent'. Some people be swayed by considerations of gain and loss, a critical moment can't move, malicious XiaBuQu hand, take the plate, eventually losing a good innings, such people are not suitable for do command ability; Some people and they were afraid to watch, a watch idea, became a card racks, such people do not have definite view, easy to go with the flow; There are some people who are completely blind dashed forward, regardless of the mines in front of the bomb, shirtless, such people lack wisdom and flexibility; Some good I, bad to you, all my bad you can't good, I good you is not good, the whole a money-obsessed, jealousy is extremely strong; Some people win the calm, lose finish to roar with laughter, indifferent calm calm, optimistic, rational; Some people win ha ha laugh, lost flushed,, pass the blame, even such people are generally can't afford to lose, little bear, little).

off most of the game, the player's purpose is very strong, naturally. The true meaning of arch pig is that you, don't lose arch pig has its greatest pleasure here.

arch pig hope is that one party lost, but sometimes in the face of complicated match, temporarily can't rival killing, also want harmony and win-win, maintain strength, I good you all right, you take advantage of points, I also get some benefits, consolidate the heart. Dashed forward if one track-minded, sometimes will be wiped out, a collapse, one false move may lose the game.
a blessing in disguise? Broken pot boil good is often the things. Pig all want to play arch is points, don't want to be negative, but often appear negative negative to positive law. Some people have a special afraid of red, there are two big red peach tree was afraid, or in his hand a pig and a clutch a hedgehog, always think of no way out, but actually what card on the field can occur, perhaps card type and card distribution equilibrium, maybe from martial arts become bright red, even to a full charge every. So play arch pig is afraid of a brand is discouraged. In life, too, all is not as you imagine, rescue, to master the situation frequently.
, you will lose can be willing to part with or use. Some people from the habit of playing CARDS to see if full of avarice, hand tight, good hate can't all give yourself, bad things let others stand on. Even if he is at risk, and still afraid of others to get his own sheep by name, any situation, don't give up easily, the sheep are clutch in his own hands, but the big pig, big change also bombarded and lose at last. Even very good advantage, was to sell each other before, and do one or the corner, or taking a perfect ending.
to the more I do not want to give more, people don't live to try very hard to think about. Often appear in the game, others sell sheep or transformer, the more you the more he is not willing to give you, when others don't, it tried to shoot. Demand is always more than giving, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss always human weaknesses. This is to go to the station at the high end, expand their horizons, by looking at the big picture of the opportunity, made mistake in the end, and take the consequences. See light gain and loss, as well as in the game, see the light as a result, there is a play of mental clarity.

man, let nature take its course, overview the big picture, great place to hold mind, the place of small open, let him three points, does not necessarily, pound-foolish, sometimes lost will not be too bad. Some people in the game, skill is very high, the algorithm is very fine, but there is no vision, and little confidence and courage, a little too constrained, in the 'point', the 'face' blinded, lost a lot of chance to win the games.

life is like a play, play, as in life, how to life when acting as delicate and brilliant, the acting as read when life taste, do little guilty, close put freely, it is a difficult thing. In fact, some of the time, beyond the self, is the phoenix nirvana.
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