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The environmental protection department of 'smelly pool' take out four measures for ecological _ chanda stainless steel rope net bar

The reporter understands from wuhan environmental protection department, the environmental protection bureau to come up with four improvement measures for sanjin pool sewage treatment plant has begun, specific measures as follows: the first step and lime; Then use guardrail stainless steel rope mesh on & other; Smelly pool & throughout; Closed, prevent dumping or pedestrians go again; For & other; Smelly pool & throughout; The edge of the lower slope position to implement higher processing, prevent the flood discharging sludge after heavy rain. A few months later, wait for natural drying, sludge and grass seed, grow grass and restore the ecological environment. According to introducing, & other; Smelly pool & throughout; The stink of organic matter, mainly from the mud and lime is to eliminate the organic matter.

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