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Now on the market of yarn varieties diverse, quality is good and bad are intermingled, as a burglar mesh yarn in the more prevalent in the network ( King kong net yarn net) Barb, then its strengths in where? Let's to and burglar mesh yarn with stainless steel net to compare. In stainless steel, looks like than the burglar mesh gauze, actually it is hollow inside, no good to say real anti-theft function, jack, crowbar, etc can be silent pry, back in. Together for stainless steel wire mesh due to its structure, easy to climb, and set up the ladder to some, is the simple technology of stainless steel, burglar mesh gauze is not easy to climb, because it is a mesh structure jack, no blackmail, etc with a crowbar, network security coefficient is higher, also has high strength, fine and strong, shear, impact resistance and other high quality function. Stainless steel burglar mesh, the same like a cage, live in it will feel very depressed, and burglar mesh gauze will not affect vision, together play the role of security, protection, and the effect will be better. And equipped with stainless steel, the balcony, the negative effect on the children there are deep, if let the balcony more bright, more near natural, and safe enough, it will be very beneficial for the growth of children. Burglar mesh gauze choose compiled 304 stainless steel wire mesh, root yarn net visual effect is generally low, more pure, more safety. Now in each city. Do you have a plan to remove stainless steel burglar mesh, to follow the progress of living level, people's demand for days with the taste, the implementation of king kong network security yarn network will be the trend of The Times.
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