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Stainless steel screen mesh of stainless steel filter request no rust steel wire is soft, because of its simple too hard no rust steel wire braided molding, stainless steel screen mesh no rust steel filter without rust steel wire by less than 0. 5 mm, 20 mesh weaving - 400 means no rust steel filter. Stainless steel wire diameter less than 0. 5 mm is no rust steel microfilament. He is the diameter of 0. 5 mm successively without rust steel adopted small tank to the use of wire diameter without stainless steel microfilament is hydrogen retreat silk, silk diameter is very thin, that is thinner than a human hair, rising point of view, advances the plastic, eliminate internal stress, refinement and all agencies and alleviation mechanism without range do more suitable for weaving no rust steel screen pack, make no rust steel screen pack is meticulous bright and clean, hard, non-magnetic, resist fatigue, spread features such as strong. Stainless steel screen mesh and no rust steel filter were no rust is a kind of wire mesh, stainless steel screen mesh but can according to the use of no with so-called no rust steel mesh and stainless steel filter. Stainless steel screen mesh peer is screening items, screening items request without rust steel mesh you want to deposit is good resistance to low temperature. No easy to wear and tear resistance, stainless steel screen mesh charge power, good toughness and strength of the elementary characteristics of the secondary is to request no rust steel wire mesh to coarse, normal thin no rust steel wire mesh is 0. 5mm- 2. Between 0 mm, thick no rust steel mesh is 5 mm - Among the 22 mm.
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