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This mesh belt structure is simple, woven by a spiral direction, used in the general automatic line. Conveyor mesh belt mesh belt is in the process of running through the chain, chain plate, horseshoe chain, or gear and other auxiliary operation equipment operation, ensure the delivery process, application: food industry, drying, washing, as well as the mechanical parts cleaning, drying, cooling, light load transfer of the object. Rugged features: this mesh belt mesh, weaving and firm, can absorb a certain amount of load, the screw rod and string is usually applied with the same specifications of the wire, heat treatment, mechanical parts of annealing, the drying of food processing, leather, asbestos products. Balanced features: balanced conveyor mesh belt on the various advantages of metal wire woven mesh belt, because of it has bending deeper article series. Make each position have the right positioning of screw rod, thus minimizing mesh belt deformation and extension. Application: it has diameter is widely used in the electronics industry ( Tube automatic assembly line) , glassware of the annealing furnace, high temperature resistant of special equipment, heat treatment, washing, transport and food industry etc. Combination balanced applications: has been widely used in chemical fiber industry of aldehyde mechanism for { YL543YL541} Washing machine YL112, scouring machine Q392, the food industry in the biscuits automatic line. Twin balanced features: this mesh belt with helical symmetry weaving around, institutions with double helix wire rod and a straight string to link. So the mesh belt running smoothly, snaking phenomenon is smaller, maintenance splicing more convenient also. Application: it can be widely used in metallurgy, machinery, industrial high temperature heat treatment of the automatic line and heavy load transportation automatic line, and in glass annealing furnace, the electronics industry, food industry can get reasonable use.
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