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The classification and characteristics of the stainless steel wire mesh (wire mesh products co. , LTD

Standard stainless steel net is the market of common stainless steel wire mesh products. Due to the social various departments are using, so it is all over. The price of the product is more bright, profit is small. After years of operation, stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer summarizes some commonly used criteria for you to see. Our factory temporarily stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into two kinds, each kind of product can be divided into more than 100. In the process of the buyer to buy, only the width of the product is appropriate, the number of the product is more near. In view of this market phenomenon, stainless steel wire mesh manufacturers have to produce 1000 of the stainless steel net in advance. There are 80 projects, 100 orders, and two kinds of product standards. 80 mesh stainless steel wire mesh is the price of 40 yuan/square meters, with 100 mesh stainless steel wire mesh is the price of 50 yuan/square meters. In the beginning, our factory concern a lot of inventory lead to cash flow problems. Through market research and analysis, demand of the stainless steel net, buyer don't too strict on product standard. Therefore, stainless steel mesh to produce manufacturer to produce a batch of inventory products, also improved its market competitiveness. Produces a lot of general what is the meaning of stainless steel wire mesh: to improve its market competitiveness, small profit, sales of big, can immediately to deliver goods to buyer, catch some potential customers.
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