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The characteristics of steel wire mesh (wire mesh products co. , LTD

Construction steel wire mesh is made of low carbon steel wire through the plate shell, drawing, annealing, cooling, straightening, cutting, welding and so on several order talents output wiredrawing ( Steel wire) 。 Construction steel wire mesh weaving has first BianHou way such as plating, plating before weaving. Through disposal after wire mesh has the characteristics of superior erosion prevention, antioxidant. The role of the wire mesh is to enhance the whole strength of the insulation board, and easy to install and fixed heating tube. Can be used in building, petroleum, chemical industry, farming, landscape protection, food processing industries such as reinforcement, protection and heat preservation etc. Building wire mesh characteristics beyond the traditional way of building. The use of new metal material reinforced wall Wire mesh - Welded wire mesh, building a stronger better alternative bricks for all kinds of main wall, it nonbearing wall and floor, balcony and so on. It has expanded building usable floor area ( 10% - 15%) , heat insulation, sound insulation, seismic, waterproof, characteristics such as simple construction, light weight, greatly reduces the project cost at the same time. Building more than the diameter of the wire mesh wire is 1. 5 - 4 mm, the thickness of wire diameter determines the quality of engineering and ground bearing capacity ( According to project the specific needs of) 。 Regular mesh have 5 * 5 cm, 10 * 10 cm, 5 * 10 cm, 6 * 6 cm, 1 * 2 m size, special specifications can be customized processing.
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