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Stainless steel wire mesh filter bag, it is to point to use stainless steel material consumption, stainless steel wire or plate and into the rules of the permutation network class cut out the corresponding size, made of the bag. Commonly used for liquid filtration material has material 304 and 316 l material, the main difference is the content of chromium and nickel, stainless steel filter bag with stainless steel ring mouth is applied, the waves rolling into the net, to designing the transfer of the right Angle with each other. Multi-layer fold expansion in different density, aperture from coarse to fine arrangement, make activity of objects through repeated changes direction, increasing its efficiency. Stainless steel wire mesh filter bag of high strength, not deformation due to pressure variation, woven monofilament lubrication appearance, easy to clean, can be repeated repetition use, also suitable for some of the high content of impurity in liquid filtration, large amount of dust, low initial resistance, fire resistance is strong. Use secure long service life, economy, low working capital; Heavy plate structure, a change in troublesome peace, lunch users to operation; There are galvanized box and aluminum alloy frame for choice; Can be based on user requirements, custom non-standard size of equipment. Stainless steel wire mesh filter bag application category, food and beverages, beer, wine, fruit wine, rice wine, juice, beverage, dairy products, edible oil, spices, such as fine material liquid ( In addition to bacteria) Filtering. Biological engineering and medicine: infusion, pharmaceutical water, plasma, serum, biological products, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration, CIP filtering, fermentation tank, yeast breeding tank inlet ventilation air aseptic filtration. Coating paint and ink, emulsioni paint, paint raw materials and solvent filtration, printing ink, printing ink filters. Other industries: precision chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, electronics, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries of various liquid purification filtering.
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