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The cause of blockage - stainless steel wire mesh filter Stainless steel wire mesh


the cause of blockage when stainless steel wire mesh filter
the cause of blockage when stainless steel wire mesh filter is varied. Because most of the materials need to filter particles were irregular, often contains a lot of close to the separation point particles, stainless steel wire mesh diameter less than or equal to the particle diameter, and make the particles get stuck. The various properties of the adhesive powder material screening, often stick to the stainless steel mesh, cause congestion. The material with fibrous materials, sheet-shape grains is more, woven wire mesh screen after coarse also easy to cause congestion.
the solution is: when material particle size is fine, shale content, and more screening particle size is small, the moisture of stainless steel screen mesh is the decisive role. When material in water is more than %, if unconditionally to drying of material, the screen surface, mesh should be targeted. When water is greater than %, wet sieving should be adopted. The sheet-shape grains more material, you may need to change the way of material crushing and the granularity of different crushing process is tie-in, characteristics caused by the reason to choose the appropriate solution.
put a drop of water on the stainless steel net, with copper sulfate, brush, brush after such as, general stainless steel; If change, amaranth, nonmagnetic for high manganese steel. Is a basic difference between two kinds of stainless steel with magnet only. Because of the chromium stainless steel in any state can be a magnet to attract; Chromium nickel stainless steel in annealing state is generally no magnetic, after cold working, some become magnetic.
but high manganese content in the high manganese steel is non-magnetic; Chromium nickel nitrogen stainless steel magnetic situation is more complicated: some nonmagnetic, some magnetic, some longitudinal surface nonmagnetic and horizontal surface magnetic. Therefore, a magnet can basic difference between nickel chromium and chromium stainless steel stainless steel, but can't distinguish between some special steel, more can't distinguish the specific steel grade. The price also can be seen that network is stainless steel material, generally in buying stainless steel net below RMB/KG basically decide not stainless steel wire mesh.
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