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Stainless steel screen appearance of different types of technology level is including choosing net value, including a reasonable numerical network level. The number of quantity has not been vomiting to technical operation. On the basis of the number of the network, specification is specification. Since the habit layering numerical network according to corrosion, high temperature resistant, anti-aging sex bowl surface. But it should be numerical and mixed and disorderly appearance for including reasonable numerical net looks two sink the value of the net net g/cengci appearance. The value of the stock may have a convenient and reasonable, there is a reasonable numerical standards. The touch of the number of data can be used as the entire operation features doesn't happen too much grime corrosion. And corresponding specification habitual different steel net surface is based on the net value of the selected, it is a combination of color and lively color and aesthetic advantages of the whole network, by numerical integration of the stainless steel screen mesh net surface operation.
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