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The benefits of stainless steel wire mesh skeleton

1, stainless steel wire mesh skeleton overcome the rapid stress cracking phenomenon of plastic pipe, because the stainless steel, plastic, these two kind of material is the structure of the compound, and so will not happen quick stress of plastic pipe is difficult to overcome.
2, has a more than ordinary pure plastic strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low coefficient of linear expansion of stainless steel tube is similar to and creep resistance and other characteristics;
3, light weight, easy installation, pipe connection USES electric hot melt connection, axial tensile resistance is strong, connection technology mature, reliable and fitting specifications complete development, can be connected with other various kinds of pipe, valves, equipment;
4, anti-corrosion, has the same as the plastic pipe anticorrosion performance, and the use of high temperature and corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity.
5, good structure, plastic pipe reinforced skeleton and inside and outside layer mutual tolerance as a whole, there is no internal and external layer of reinforced plastic and stripping of sorrow;
6, the lining is smooth, no scaling, tube of the head loss 30% lower than the stainless steel tube;
7, pipe overall design according to the service life of 50 years;
8, can be adjusted by stainless steel wire diameter, the thickness of the plastic layer, such as manufacturing pipes with different levels of pressure.

stainless steel wire mesh is made of low carbon stainless steel wire, medium carbon stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, high carbon stainless material such as stainless steel wire woven or welded into the floorboard of the mesh material. Production process are: ordinary weaving, ginning knit and spot welding. Mainly stainless steel wire as raw material, through professional equipment processing reticulate, therefore calls stainless steel wire mesh. Stainless steel wire mesh and stainless stainless steel wire mesh, is a general term, just call the stainless steel wire mesh is reflected is the key to the specific requirements, many customers do not understand the professional wire mesh products, often with stainless stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, using the address use may also don't know what kind of specification, is often seen in one place, feel this is good things, also want to use, do not know the product name and specifications also it doesn't matter, just say what you want to be what kind of purpose, the manufacturer will provide advice.
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