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The benefits of corn storage used in screen __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

by:Candurs     2020-07-21
The nutrient composition of corn storage capacity of a large area of corn, can be simple, should consider choosing suitable welding wire mesh specification data suitable for round specification using corn stalk maintenance environment, and the screen appearance of welding technology, able to bear. All this is weaving. For a long time to complete the warp and woof of stamping and other process of wire mesh, can also happen bigger effect to maintain function. The process of the maintenance function is to make the diameter of the raw material is between 2 - 7 mm in diameter and the surface of galvanized steel wire. On the role of channel came to the conclusion that the scale of the grid for the 5 * 73 * 73 * 8, etc. Is an expression of a round maintaining corn channels. This way of welding galvanized mesh is in order to maintain the circle of the corn, maintain the circular structure of corn. This kind of condition. After welding pick pick on the screen, it is a good demonstration effect can save corn stick on the ground show up enough storage space function ventilation function of use value of the warp and woof of corn nutrient insistence on maintenance.
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