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The so-called sieve is different with general mesh products. But there are strict series of mesh size. And have the object particles grading, screening function in line with the industry, agency, standard approved by the mesh products. Screen don't speak 'mesh', 'mesh' just people to describe a habit of screen mesh, difficult to overcome. Screen is different from the general mesh products, is that it has a strict mesh size, rather than a 'mesh'. Screen mesh size are not isolated, it has a series of mesh size, the purpose is to classification screening. Screen mesh is made of metal wire or fibers woven, aperture 0. 15~1mm. Can remove and recycle the suspended matter of different types and day small, sieve separation has the advantages of simple, high efficiency, low operating cost. Commonly used in smaller wastewater treatment. There are many kinds of screen mesh, the main two are and hydraulic sieve sieve net. Synthetic fiber mesh with nylon or polyester filament and brown. 15 ~ 30 denier filament with monofilament, sieve pore surface is smooth, is advantageous to the filter. Fabric can be used, basket and plain, specifications have 19 ~ 104 holes/cm. Many used for printing of silk net, integrated circuit printed circuit board manufacturing. Can also be used to filter tube fluorescent powder and tapes of magnetic powder, etc. The fine particles. Brown silk screen mesh with coarser polyamide palm fibre as raw material, diameter of 0. 55 ~ 0. 1 mm, fabric is more plain mat organization, used in mineral processing, filtering, pulp, conveyor belt, etc. Synthetic fiber mesh screen has many characteristics, such as not rust, corrosion, can replace part of metal mesh screen.
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