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Stainless steel filter mesh or filter can be used to screen all sorts of things. Metal powder, sand, powder, sugar, flour, toner powder and adhesive need sieving. Although there are a lot of material can be used to make screen mesh, but nickel stainless steel screen mesh in both the production and has many important advantages in the maintenance operation. In the screening of products is the most hard metal powder. Stainless steel can withstand these materials and the abrasive cleaning agents. 'stainless steel in the screening of metal powder or ceramic products are up to wear and tear is much more durable than nylon,' a company spokesman said. Stainless steel screen mesh rigidity, thus better able to prevent too much material. They are through the screen mesh may be stuck or choke. In the high temperature operation under the condition of high water temperature and washing process can maintain its specific size. These tough conditions can make synthetic mesh shrinkage and brittle. Because the stainless steel screen mesh well cleaning, not rusting, the same stainless steel screen mesh can be used to deal with all kinds of different materials and different colors of materials. Such as chocolate powder for cleaner can be very troublesome thing, New Jersey, a company specializing in the production of food ingredients and sellers Farbest Brands, the company's maintenance manager Dennis Cowles said. After cleaning, synthetic mesh soft cases may not fully dry, residual moisture may be the next process make the material adhesion to the case, and stainless steel screen mesh won't appear this kind of problem.
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