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The function of fresh air system in addition to the ventilated take a breath, the most important function is to filter the pollutants in the air, thus the filter on the air system is the most important part of the whole system. On the basis of levels, principle, material, mesh type of fresh air system can be divided as follows: in accordance with the filter are rated general system of air filter can be divided into three levels, namely the early effect filter, medium efficiency filter and high efficiency filter. 1. Early effect filter: filter materials such as outdoor large particles of dust and insects. 2. Effect of filter: filter pollen granules material such as outdoor. 3. High efficiency filter: HEPA to the HEPA filter specification. Filtering the vast majority of 0. More than 3 micron dust. Many claims to filter power more than 99%, fresh air system is actually a filter after several times of test results. And balaam PM2 shed fresh air system. 5 a power filter is as high as 95% above. Our filter function in investigating the product, be sure to polish eyes. At the beginning of the fresh air system, a temporary effect, in effect, high efficiency filter is generally not used alone, but two or three kinds of cooperation. Install two or more layers of filter fresh air system, talent to reach better air filtration effect. In accordance with the filter principle points now common principle can be divided into two kinds, one is physical filtration, electrostatic filtering method. 1. Physical filtration, filtration materials common from G1 to H13 different grade, the higher the level the larger the wind resistance, filtering is complete, the price is more expensive. 2. The electrostatic dust collection: PM2. 5 good filtering effect, small wind resistance, don't need frequent replacement of filter. Defect is inevitable to ozone and ozone to must content of cent is harmful to health. So the electrostatic dust collection is necessary for ozone generates demand, must choose fit the national standard, through quality products. Temporary fresh air system, choose the most now is physical filtration, mesh need regular replacement, otherwise cannot reach excellent filtering effect. Electrostatic dust collection method is in in phase, some large manufacturers, has now announced or are developing related functions, estimates that this filtering method will be widely used in recent years. Scientific name according to the filter non-woven filter material classification: polyester fiber, commonly known as non-woven, non-woven fabric have extensive sex, in skills sophisticated sex, safe sex is good wait for a characteristic, is now in our country, the plate efficiency, at the beginning of a typical filter material of bag filter. Fabrication process with melt-blown, acupuncture, such as water, spun-bonded process through multi-channel processes, compared with other same level filter material has the quality stability, strong let large dust, moisture resistant, long using life, economy by using and strengths. Non-woven fabric by using the first filter material, in recent years because of the skill of ongoing, the present improved compound non-woven non-woven cheap low level image, has been able to reach the efficient in power. Glass fiber filter: glass fiber filter mainly composed of various thickness, jagged glass fiber by other processing technology is made. Glass fiber with its safe function, high temperature resistant, high power characteristics of large capacity, long using life, etc. And in some special circumstances only wave line as a talent. Widely used in general ventilation system in the early effect of filter, high temperature resistant filter and hepa filter. 1. Synthetic fiber filter: in general filtering environment can fully replace the non-woven fabric and glass fiber, cover thick, medium and high-efficient filter series products, all is the new filter material, is also the future main direction of filter material. With other grades of filter material compare with small resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection, Can burn) , moderate price and other advantages. Activated carbon filter: l have efficient active carbon adsorption function, can be used for air purification, removal of volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and pollutants in the air. Pore structure of activated carbon filter is chosen through aluminium honeycomb, plastic honeycomb, paper honeycomb as the carrier. Compared with traditional activated carbon filter, has the better function of gas dynamics, small volume density, large volume, high adsorption power appearance, small wind resistance coefficient. Honeycomb activated carbon filter is made in polyurethane foam to upload the attached powdered activated carbon, the carbon content in 35% About 50%. Air resistance is small, low energy consumption, can be in, must under the air deodorization in addition to smell, to purify the environment, has the very good purification effect. On the use of. Generally cooperation is the use of independent, medium efficiency filter. 2. Nano silver screen: is the diameter of 100 nm silver ion antibacterial agent is added to the mother guess, then woven wire mesh, filter each net SiDou has antibacterial function. High antibacterial function, can reach more than 99%. Simple filter clean, washed after antibacterial function does not decline. 3. Photocatalytic filter: with nanometer tio2 light catalyst for material, combined with the latest skills for uniform smooth accelerant to the smallest particles adhere to the different physical appearance catalyst is the sunlight, fluorescent lamp, ultraviolet light, stimulate the price bring electronics ( e- ) Transition to the conduction band, the price with the corresponding holes ( h+) , generated with strong oxidation of active oxygen and hydrogen and oxygen free radicals, the formaldehyde, methylamine, benzene, xylene, TVOC and other harmful organisms, pollutants, odor and bacteria oxidation to differentiate into harmless CO2 and H2O, to purify the air, the intention of the differentiation of harmful organisms. Generally speaking, the non-woven filter, glass fiber filter net is used as the early effect, synthetic fiber filter, activated carbon filters, nano silver screen pack, photocatalytic effect, high efficiency filter filter used for more. Good air quality system will be installed more than two layers of mesh to efficient filtration of air pollutants.
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