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stainless steel wire mesh principle function is linear shale shaker, pour two synchronous motor exciter is installed into the reverse exciting force, is bind belt mesh in the vertical direction of movement, to periodically by the distance thrown forward for the exciting force of a material, so as to complete the screening operation materials, so as to the choice of molecular sieve is not the same size are not the same. Yiyang how yunnan stainless steel wire mesh specifications set

people feel rusty stainless steel screen form passivation film of amorphous phase, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is splendid, it is in the form of the oxygen, the natural world of constant, amorphous phase stainless steel wire mesh necessary recovery, held in accordance with the clean cloth without oil.
lianyungang ganzhou stainless steel mesh belt damage to do
and pinhole, chlorine ion corrosion liquid formed near the accelerated corrosion rate of reaction. In addition, there is an internal stainless steel intergranular corrosion cracking, all these damage on the surface of the stainless steel passivation membrane. So we must often clean and maintenance of the surface of the stainless steel, to keep their ornate surface and prolong its service life. Huanggang stainless steel net, how magnetic

metal corrosion and chemical etching, can be divided into two types of electrochemical corrosion. Under high temperature, with the oxygen in air oxide reaction directly, this is a kind of chemical etching of the metal. Slowly corrosion at room temperature. Main electrochemical corrosion of metal corrosion. Electrochemical corrosion is basically by metal ionization in the medium.

general stainless steel mesh how straightened according to the requirements of customers customized stainless steel wire mesh specifications, so that customers need when buying stainless steel net is pointed out that the pitch of the following parameters of stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh, wire diameter, pitch diameter, a chord and the wire diameter will eventually indicates the length and width of each stainless steel net in attachment. Finally, the total length of stainless steel wire mesh.
linfen stainless steel net how do Christmas tree to
don't let the noise of significant deficiencies, allowing it to a small amount of important defects exist to allow a certain number of common defects. Main defects such significant blemish basically points to: weaving is not strong, rubbing his hands up and down the finger loose weft significant displacement phenomenon; Serious and to curl. A natural wave mm or larger mesh, mesh for m length to diameter is less than the mm; Mesh is less than. Mm, M long coil, less than the natural curve of the mm diameter, it shall be deemed to be failure.
anping mat type nets stainless steel net like
the function of the blue, green, orange, white with shielding, maintenance, filter screen appearance of aesthetic effect. To the wire mesh products of different professional, we need to insist on network quality and network quality. Qualified sign means the service life of the product of the long-term effects of inductive function.
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