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features: high tension, tension value than conventional polyester wire mesh, high tension and high stability. At very high tension, the picture will not deformation, loss of elasticity.
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stainless steel screen in the process of production, can appear sometimes break line, this kind of situation will seriously affect the quality of stainless steel wire mesh. Don't master many skills, inexperienced people don't know what the problem is the basis of the place, but don't know what to do, today small make up in the following analysis about the problem, I hope you can help.
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stainless steel corrosion caused by dirt or abrasive available? Itric acid special detergent or detergent. As long as we are in a right way to maintain, we can extend the service life of stainless steel, clean, bright and beautiful. Has the weak part of the corrosion resistance due to self-excited pitting reaction stainless steel surface passivation membrane.

weihai how very fine stainless steel wire mesh welding production of each product has its certain functions, or unable to obtain further development and application of but can't get the recognition of users, and today we are going to mention stainless steel net conveyer, too, from the aspects of production technology has been further improved. Strong net conveyor line is suitable for the modern mesh conveyor belt, laying off-road time.
xuanwei stainless steel net to know how to calculate mesh aperture count
as the steel chemical composition, protection status, operating conditions and environmental medium change.
huanggang stainless steel wire mesh specifications and how to set the
just as its name implies is stainless steel sieve screening, stainless steel wire mesh sieving the articles to keep low temperature is pretty good, no wear and tear resistance force is strong, good toughness and primary strength characteristics, the secondary is the stainless steel wire through the coarser mesh request, not normal cells. Mm. Between mm stainless steel wire through the screen mesh, there is no difference between thick stainless steel screen mesh for mm mm.

zhangjiagang stainless steel net how to define the specification of the most important is to pay attention to the diameter of the stainless steel wire mesh screen to coarse, ordinary fine stainless steel wire mesh in diameter. 毫米。 Mm, between the diameter of the thick stainless steel wire mesh to between MMMM. Above is the difference between the two products. In fact, the function of both products is almost the same. However, because of the different performance, they are applied in different places. In a word, the two products is the best in the wire mesh stainless steel, trusted by the people in the industry.
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