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stainless steel net surface adhesion of bleach and all kinds of acid, immediately wash with water, and then, in an ammonia solution or neutral soda solution with warm water or neutral detergent for washing.
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application conveyor belt as a transportation equipment, widely used in daily life, we've already delivery network concept, so they are usually used in industrial conveyor belt said? It is mainly engaged in what work? Let us down again. As its name suggests, the concept of a single of the belt, we can get a general idea of conveyor belt is used to transport goods.
how zhongshan quanzhou stainless steel wire mesh sieve cleaning
for a long time, on the surface of stainless steel screen can display the service life of the filter, which is by the principle of filtering operation of long life and filter the network choice of materials. I has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, bowl can perform the selected material maintenance. It is freedom of corrosion and fouling of any impact, so as to realize the water and oil of all kinds of filters.
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weaving: plain weave stainless steel dense network ( Plain lp) , twill weave stainless steel dense network ( Twill LPS) Braided stainless steel dense net, bamboo flowers, contrast woven stainless steel dense network ( Also known as the contrast table type network conveyor belt) 。 Process: plain Dutch weave: plain weave, and each line is similar to knit. Different is, by the slightest netting warp weft than by rough a bit. A tapered wedge can open near the weft.
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stainless steel chain plate; Herringbone network; Double energy-saving network; Fuel injection cooling network; B net form; Baffle plate transport; Chain transport; Fruit and vegetable cleaning net; Quick-freezing machine chain network; Single chain network; Frozen water chestnut net chain; Vegetables dehydration assembly line equipment dedicated transport chain network.
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in stainless steel, in order to get better results of different element meshing element in stainless steel net data elements of nickel element mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, rise of stainless steel screen different content elements, any type of stainless steel wire mesh.
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the protection of facilities and maintenance, should according to the actual operation situation and customer requirements. Corrosion resistance of things cannot be included in the application background. In order to ensure that facilities can be normal use, must use it under proper temperature and humidity. If used in the place where the air is cloudy, can consider to add a layer of filter problem there.
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