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Stainless steel wire mesh has now become the outstanding professional, favored by the vast users love, the net belt in the process of applying must make corresponding spraying work, as long as such talent better maintain it, so what are the main spraying method of stainless steel wire mesh, let's know. Stainless steel wire mesh spraying method introduced the pretreatment of the stainless steel net, to make the coating adhesion is strong, not easy to drop, long life, spraying necessary pretreatment of stainless steel mesh belt appearance. Dry coating according to the coating properties of physics and chemistry boring boring. Pretreatment is very ties, spraying also needs a process, divided into three processes, the first line progress predecessors pretreatment, then spraying, after to be boring. The order of the three processes are not interchangeable. Coating with grease paint, natural resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin and so on more than ten kinds of coating, can be in accordance with the practice of qian conditions. Boring to make coating function good, strong, wear-resisting, necessary for its abundant dry after use. Different kinds of stainless steel mesh belt preprocessing method is not the same. Spraying method with manual, active, static, electrophoresis and so on the many kinds of way, according to batch, intrusive pick shape. Spray coating based on the type, function and different curing condition, spraying process, the method is also different. The user can according to the stainless steel mesh belt, intrusive, bulk shape. Practice for quick dry, often choose solvent evaporation coating or heat curing coating, through natural boring or a simple drying process can reach ambitions.
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