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Complain us steel ford cars most expensive international director of ford's global operations in Detroit on Monday local time, Joe kirk hinrich, held a ford factory 'rangers' pickups produce launch ceremony show that U. S. steel costs beyond international anywhere else, and is working with the government about tariffs. Ford CEO Kim haji, last month called on the government trump agile to solve trade friction, can form to the America's second largest car manufacturer or a greater harm. He suggests that although ford's own purchase most yield data from the United States, but the company profit is still due to tariff reduced by about $1 billion. Benxi steel group, 600000 tons of high speed rod production line 19, the production of the benxi steel group and a high speed rod rolling mill production line in the north camp production operation. The production line with a total investment of 1. 3. 4 billion yuan, bar annual capacity of 600000 tons, finishing to 40 m/s speed, can produce Φ 10 cm ~ 18 cm Φ intensity, the 500 mp to 400 mp rebar, during which the intensity of the rebar 500 mp is one of the largest rebar at present, the intensity of the product. Since October 25, 12 in tangshan to stop polluting the climate Ⅱ level emergency response on October 23, 2018, speculation based on ecological environment and meteorological department, when 12 October 24 to 25, during the process of tangshan will be moderate to severe pollution, 25, after 12 when affected by cold air process, tangshan meteorological conditions conducive to pollutants dilution, dispersion, and root out. Climate headquarters resolution, heavy pollution, since October 25, 12 when stop polluting climate Ⅱ level on October 18, emergency response and the municipal government issued by the climate on extending the pollution response time tell 'requirements. 1-2018 In September the national iron ore output for 57772. 90000 tons of year-on-year decline in 1. March 2018-9% Small iron ore output increased in April, in April 2018, the national iron ore output for 6746. 80000 tons, rose 0. 8%. 4-2018 In August the national iron ore output is falling, in August 2018, the national iron ore output for 6465. 90000 tons, the year-on-year increase in 5. 6%. In September 2018, the national iron ore output has increased, in September 2018, the national iron ore output for 6692. 70000 tons, fell 5% year on year. 1-2018 In September the national iron ore output for 57772. 90000 tons, fell 1. 9%. Tata steel will sell shares its iron ore projects in South Africa tata steel ( 塔塔
钢) Will be in 3. 6. 6 billion South African rand ( Accounting at the current exchange rate 18. 8 billion rupees or 2. $5. 6 billion) Price, in a South African iron ore mostly stake to Switzerland IMR metallurgical resources co. , LTD. ( IMR
冶金资源) 。 Completed a number of zhejiang: pollution prevention mission or exceeding of the early a few days ago, the zhejiang province on the points to be completed from January to September pollution prevention work progress: this years ago in the third quarter, the provincial environmental quality continues to improve, 'water' more 'good air'; Pollution prevention and control of key points of completed work outstanding overall progress, many mission now or early overfulfilled the annual policy. Miit: in the first three quarters of the industrial economy in 'three steady operation situation' 23 of the State Council Information Office held a press conference, vice minister of ministry xin guobin shows that in the first three quarters of the industrial economy as a whole in smooth and steady into, stability in slow motion, the national planning industrial output rose 6. 4%, faster than expected throughout the year; Information industry adhere to great momentum. Next, miit will to mark on the table in high quality requirements, earnestly implement the steady increase, promote the transformation and restructuring, livelihood, prevent the dangerous work, efforts to achieve industrial communications smooth running and high quality. In the first three quarters of GDP increased 6 in Shanghai. 6% of the people's livelihood target to improve significantly the Shanghai statistics bureau, preliminary accounting, in the first three quarters of the city's gross yield of 23656. 6. 9 billion yuan, according to the comparable price accounting, increase than the same period last year 6. 6%. Statistics department, in the case of external action significantly increased, in the first three quarters of Shanghai's economy overall operation in a reasonable range, adhere to the overall smooth and steady into the development of situation, optimize the economic structure, to carry out the quality benefit, change open strength significantly increased, continue to improve people's livelihood welfare. Shenzhen municipal government, built in 2035 at the global ocean center city from shenzhen city planning and land resources committee, shenzhen municipal party committee municipal government recently reviewed and adopted the 'about yong scouts
when sea power to accelerate the resolution of global ocean city built, built in 2035 in shenzhen fundamental global ocean center city. The resolution to the ocean in shenzhen city to carry out the strategic location, a prominent government leading, market, with financial and set different leading Marine economy science and technology. Resolution covers Marine industry, science and technology, space, ecological, civilization and global governance, and other fields, for the next 30 years in shenzhen sea refers to a clear direction.
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