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Stainless steel woven wire mesh, metal mesh grid, steel wire mesh

Stainless steel woven wire mesh, metal weaving nets, wire mesh

metal mesh grid ( Building stainless steel woven mesh) Is composed of metal bars or metal wire woven, according to the weft knitting fabric woven form into diameter, spiral set of forms, such as the use of materials, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal, the scope of its application field widely, adornment effect is vivid, has become the latest must-haves in the current architectural art, and has a trend of rapid development.

a, main features:

metal building decoration net with incombustible, high strength, strong, functional, easy to maintain, easy to forming, exceptional service life, and can be a very good protection effect to the building structure features, and more in line with the requirements of environmental protection and fire safety. Stainless steel woven network installation is simple, rapid, and can be widespread use, also can make local adornment ornament only. Its chic, elegant appearance, adornment effect is vivid, intense, diversity, different light, different environment, different times and different observation angles, the effect is different. Can be applied to various occasions and purposes, stainless steel with the texture and lighting effects, reveal elegant temperament, special personality, noble quality,

2, scope of application:

stainless steel decorative wire mesh, metal woven mesh is widely used in building fa? Ade, partition, ceiling, awning, balcony and corridors, shutter, stair access and other high-grade internal and external decoration.

, curtain wall, facade: external decoration engineering is the metal woven mesh characteristics and function of the perfect embodiment. Metal curtain wall network is applied to building facade decoration caused a huge response, impressive. Main image project of China mobile communication flagship hangzhou yuantong hall, Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui KCRC east tsim station.

, smallpox condole top: a flat, arc French, special modelling type: stainless steel net visual connect fully, open, save a space, simple and convenient assembly, metal mesh grid has more functions than other materials, more decorative effect, and more in line with the requirements of environmental protection, fire control safety. Major cases include Shanghai shangri-la hotel diet coffee lounge is better commercial plaza, guangzhou, etc. ;

, metope, partition: stainless steel woven mesh as metope, partition. Different opening rate, the structure of the metal curtain wall decoration will bring the effect of different architectural space, from the different point of view in the past, pervious to light metal mesh, shielding performance are also different. Whether real or abstract, whether classical or modern, wire mesh can be perfect embodiment. It does not take up space, won't make you feel the space of the block and depression. Typical cases in hangzhou China telecom building setting metope

, guardrail, bridge protection: chater road landscape bridge is located in Hong Kong, central, Hong Kong's top area, central area, it is connected with the bank of China tower, around the Yangtze river building, HSBC building, the Supreme Court and other famous buildings, it USES the steel mesh, as the internal and external barrier, this type of network plate type, surface smooth, solid, elastic, impact resistance, deformation, not hiding dirt itself characteristics, easy to wash, the material of high quality assured her durable, if brightness is new
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