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Stainless steel wire net system what's the difference

Stainless steel wire net 1, adapt to the characteristics of active protection system any slope topography, especially the various shapes of 2, stainless steel wire mesh fence wood engineering installation speed, easy to use 3, 3. Through artificial planting grass, plant landscaping, keep the soil and rock solid. 4, stainless steel wire net protection ability 5, service life is long, can reach 30 - For 50 years. Stainless steel wire net flowchart pay-off - active protection system installation Review - Drilling - Hole cleaning - Install the rod - around it Perfusion - Installing lateral support rope - Acceptance - Stitching - The net - Tensioning the openness of the stainless steel rope mesh product use, groundwater can be avoided due to the rise of ground water pressure caused by the instability of slope; The except on the slope has a certain contribution, at the same time also can further weathering erosion, slope and slope surface morphology has no special requirements, don't change the original slope surface morphology and the conditions of vegetation growth, its open features to later or the next conditional and need to carry out the artificial slope greening retained when necessary conditions, green plants can grow in the open space, plant roots of blends into soil and slope protection, slope and soil and water loss, which in turn protects the physiognomy and vegetation slope, so as to realize the slope protection and protection purposes.
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