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Stainless steel wire net exactly is how to choose

Macro international in the protection system, and very much used in the zoo. Every time to build the zoo, in order to prevent injuries or prevent animal husbandry, will install the stainless steel rope net at the specified location. Stainless steel wire mesh is one of the most important consumables nature. Wire mesh is called flexible fence. This is because, unlike wavy fence, they have been installed in the specified location, parks and public places, and form a long safety belt give people a security perspective. In the beginning of the construction of an expressway in large fence bidding meeting, want to choose to complete the engineering enterprises with good quality. Many enterprises producing stainless steel rope net heard before each bid, our factory will be detailed investigation, this project and landform and difficulty of this project are detailed analysis and evaluation, listed the detailed data. Such preliminary investigation for enterprises produced a detailed of the tender, including the number of SNS passive defend the net use, construction cycle, need the number of and money for a detailed list. The company relies on the rigorous work attitude, and grasp the accuracy of engineering budget, eventually won the isolation belt project bidding. Nets had paid great attention to every order, from the aspects of production department, shipping department and construction, the establishment of a strict review process ( liú chéng) , and strive to do every detail without deviation. The bidding project, production cycle is long, the installation time is short, the flexible passive fence, has brought great challenge to the enterprise. But judging from the results of final check check, defend the net won consistent praise all aspects, thus it can be seen that the enterprise's products ( 产品) Quality and installation level, are other companies in the industry have no way to match. Spoke with quality has always been the goal of wei yue produces stainless steel wire mesh. Over the years, enterprises continue to strengthen its own technological innovation. SNS passive fence both in quality and price has a strong market competitiveness. Company construction team operating procedures, strict management system perfect, in the case of poor construction condition still ensure engineering quality. Have such a good word of mouth, defend the net can stand out in large products and construction bidding meeting, this also for the development of enterprises to create more and better space.
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