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Wire mesh, wire rope and the pressure drop ring. It includes four main parts: wire rope, supporting rope and reduced pressure ring. It is composed of steel wire rope net or ring network ( Intercept small block to use wire mesh) , the fixed system ( Anchor, anchor cable, base and support rope) , the pressure drop of ring and steel column. Defend the net with high flexibility, slope protection of high strength, easy to spread. It is applicable to any slope topography, the installation process is standardized and systematic. The system adopts the die-cutting way, time is short, the cost is low. The mountain special manufacturing process of special steel wire rope net system materials and high anticorrosion technology, decided the system of ultra high life. The system can minimize the influence of the engineering team environment. Protected areas can fully protect the soil and rock, promote artificial afforestation and environment protection. Steel rope net, stainless steel wire mesh, it is suitable for the building facilities near the buffer. It can intercept building facilities outside the rock collapse, flying rocks, avalanche and landslide, in order to avoid damage to the building facilities. Damage. Flexible protection system is covered with a variety of flexible net based on wire rope net cover for slope protection or limitation of rock weathering destruction of rock slope soil and rock collapse, Strengthening) Falling rocks in a certain range, or control.
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