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Use stainless steel mesh belt will heat bilges cold shrink; Stainless steel conveyor mesh belt and ordinary metals will have the same heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon. , because of the work environment, stainless steel conveyor mesh belt in operation because of the friction heat, when the friction stability more than 400 ℃ the machine caused intermittent expansion between reduced, stainless steel conveyor mesh belt also can appear the corresponding change. Stainless steel mesh belt USES the cause of non-uniform stress; , likely is the mesh belt tensioning device installation error, cause tension on both sides of the conveyor mesh belt is inconsistent; The joint parts of stainless steel conveyor mesh belt conveyor are not smooth, stainless steel conveyor mesh belt mesh belt relaxation can also lead to wandering; , in stainless steel conveyor mesh belt conveyor conveying material distribution on either side of the cylinder and the chain plate, friction is different. Even in the drum material viscosity and will cause uneven phenomenon; Can also lead to the net net belt conveyor roller belt conveyor running deviation, lead to uneven. Stainless steel mesh belt factory use to install the consequences of too tight; The installation of stainless steel mesh belt is required. Said for stainless steel wire mesh, we want to more long applied to it, we don't install it in the installation of too tight, because that would reduce the service life of it. Stainless steel mesh belt installed too close to the detriment of after the maintenance work, will cause damage to equipment, so as to reduce the production of the product quality. When installed stainless steel mesh belt too tight, will increase net belt between the device and pressure, and after the equipment run, even can increase the friction between the mesh belt and mechanical. If you want to know the big friction is not only the wear and tear mesh belt, also the wear and tear of mechanical equipment, will directly affect the service life of equipment and stainless steel mesh belt. Stainless steel mesh belt factory use in corrosive environment? Stainless steel mesh belt parts. Accelerated wear and tear, rust on the parts affect roller chain hinge and flexible rotation. There will be stress corrosion and grain corrosion. Choose the chain used in corrosive environment, must value chain parts material choice. Whether made parts of martensitic stainless steel series chain rust still need to depend on working conditions. Master corrosion protection technology for the proper use of chain useful under corrosive environment.
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