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Stainless steel wire mesh will rust? Believe that many friends will think how can rust? Stainless steel must be never rust. The answer is not the case. Stainless steel wire mesh points a lot of kinds of material, good material, the material of high purity, will not rust, some of the stainless steel material quality is poorer, coupled with the improper use of the environment, the rust is inevitable. So what kind of environment, stainless steel wire mesh will rust? Continue to look down we all know, stainless steel wire mesh has the ability of resistance to atmospheric oxidation - - Namely, stainless, also has in the medium containing acid, alkali, salt is the ability of corrosion - - The corrosion resistance. But the size of its corrosion resistance is with the chemical composition of steel itself, intensive state, using conditions and environmental medium type and change. Such as 304 stainless steel wire mesh, in dry clean the atmosphere, has excellent corrosion resistance, but it will be moved to the coastal areas, in contains a great deal of sea salt fog, will soon be rusty; And 316 stainless steel wire mesh is good. So, not any kind of stainless steel wire mesh, in any environment can not rust corrosion. Stainless steel screen appearance of high quality stainless steel wire mesh, appearance must be smooth, uniform mesh, exquisite craftsmanship, detail can stand the test, the wire diameter, mesh, width of various parameters, such as whether or not up to standard. Stainless steel wire mesh material of stainless steel material are various, 201304316304 L, 316 L, etc. , good material can't wrong, stainless steel wire mesh products customer requirements which have to adopt what kind of.
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