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Stainless steel wire mesh welding? - Stainless steel wire mesh


stainless steel wire mesh welding?
the related to welding of stainless steel wire mesh products: due to the nature of inherent in stainless steel ( For example, the thermal expansion coefficient of stainless steel is low carbon steel and high chromium stainless steel. Times; Coefficient of thermal conductivity is about/low carbon steel, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of high chromium stainless steel is about/of low carbon steel; Times more than resistance is low carbon steel, mild steel and high chromium stainless steel is times. ) , compared with general carbon steel stainless steel welding has its particularity, are more likely to be in the weld and its heat affected zone ( HAZ) Produce various kinds of defects. Pay special attention to during welding. Butt welding or move materials such as stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, etc. , in the case of necessary and oil removal descaling processing, in order to improve the welding quality.
argon arc welding process is the most commonly used stainless steel wire mesh deep processing products of welding process. Argon arc is a gas protection welding technology. Is around the arc welding flux on the protection of argon gas, with the air isolation in welding area, to prevent the oxidation of welding area, in order to achieve the goal of double-sided forming. Its technical characteristic is the back bead filled argon, small current ( General welding current is controlled in A, current size can be adjusted manually) , short arc ( Under the arc voltage in V, voltage generally not adjust) , swing welding process to take advantage of zigzag way, interpass temperature, as far as possible weld on the basis of white and yellow color, argon arc welding torch Angle to the direction in degrees and the following point of view, end clearance control in mm or so.
welded stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, etc. , it is through the automatic platoon welding machine production of stainless steel. The production of stainless steel welded wire mesh is completed by using the theory of resistance welding welding of stainless steel wire mesh: the circuit is closed, in the closed circuit and current equal everywhere; But resistance is not the same everywhere, especially in the fixed contact point is not the stigma of the welded wire mesh machine in the resistance of the largest, the resistance in the physical contact resistance. According to the heating effect of the current law, Also called bajaur law) Q =我^; By Rt, under the condition of the electric current is equal, the greater the resistance the higher part of the fever, resistance welding when the welding head is the largest, is in the part of the brain that generate electric heating is the most nature, when stigma longitudinal diameter to transverse diameter release a lot of heat when pressed together, the transverse diameter longitudinal diameter instant dissolving binder. Due to the automatic welding machine is a row of stigma simultaneously, so the welding of stainless steel wire mesh of high production efficiency.
stainless steel net seam welding technology is also called the seam welding, cylindrical electrode is a pair of roller electrode instead of spot welding, the welding of the workpiece is moved between rolling plate, producing one melt nuclear mutually shiplap seal weld the workpiece welding method. Generally adopt ac pulse current or amplitude modulation current, also can use three ( Single) Phase rectifier, medium frequency, high frequency dc current. Seam welding is widely used stainless steel round hole mesh, stainless steel filter canister ( Such as multilayer oil sand control pipe) , higher mesh docking or stitched link in stainless steel wire mesh, is a commonly used technique for deep processing of stainless steel wire mesh.
in the production of the stainless steel filter, commonly used to some of the fine filter precision stainless steel welding technology, because most of these stainless steel wire mesh net surface light, so need to locate accurate efficient welding technology, to be completed. And plasma welding is such a kind of high efficient welding technology, plasma arc is ion gas ionization produced high temperature ion airflow, through pores in the nozzle, the compressed form long arc column, its temperature can reach K, higher than that of conventional free arc, such as argon arc welding of K only. Due to the plasma arc with arc column slenderness, the characteristics of high energy density and therefore has been widely in the field of stainless steel wire mesh welding, and the special role.
in addition, silver welding technology in welding of stainless steel mesh belt, soldering technology in terms of some electronic components with filter sieve basket, also have special application.
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