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Stainless steel wire screen mesh of inspection requirements shall be in accordance with the national standard of skill, correctly use the gage and test instrument. Stainless steel square hole network quality inspection is 100% inspection, don't choose sampling way. Stainless steel wire diameter and error, data of raw material inspection stainless steel wire should be smooth and bright appearance, can not have longitudinal tensile mark, burr, rust and other defects; Public servants should comply with the provisions of wire diameter, material meets the requirements. Weaving precision inspection accuracy is divided into three levels: level of precision, mesh limit error cannot exceed 6%; Secondary accuracy beyond 9%; 3 accuracy beyond 12%; Mainly is the mesh of checking the arithmetic mean and net hole dimension inspection. Weaving quality inspection of wire mesh in the process of production could not exist shortcomings, in general, rolls over to the metal mesh, there are serious shortcomings don't promise, promise a few important faults exist, promise will be the number of disadvantages exist in general. Serious defect category serious shortcomings mainly refers to: interweaved, with both hands finger rub moves up and down, warp/weft wire loose significant displacement phenomenon; Curly, mesh is greater than or equal to 0. 18 mm, 1 m long net surface natural winding diameter less than 80 mm; The mesh less than 0. 18 mm, to 1 m long with natural surface winding diameter less than 60 mm, and should be judged not qualified. Net oblique, weaving width online face fabric and yarn is not straight and greater than 4 degrees; More than large crease; Extra large mesh between radial beyond public servants; Super large density difference; Run large weft, uneven surface; The warp and weft wire diameter super severe poor; Hole, half weft, larger fork; The serious uneven color of large area, severe mechanical damage.
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