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as China has become one of the hardware production country in the world. And gradually become the world's superpower metal processing and exporter, our country has a vast potential market and consumption. With the development of social economy, the stainless steel hardware industry under the new situation will also present new trend. In the green the money the 12th five-year period, energy saving, intelligent products, only a keen insight into industry trends can let the enterprise go steady for a long time.
stainless steel hardware, tools, increasing demand for
with the continuous improvement of China's place in the world, more and more countries around the world started to use hardware products in China, to a certain extent, to stimulate the development of hardware products in China. In recent years, with the speeding up of the global economic integration, China stainless steel hardware processing industry has gradually become the world's hardware tools industry. Some developed countries, in particular, Africa, the Middle East and other developing countries the demand for hardware tools each year to increasing at the rate of teens. Hardware tools is labor-intensive industries, as the hometown of hardware in yongkang, but also with traditional low cost competitive advantage, became a hub of hardware tools.
, stainless steel hardware product quality improve
at the same time, the international market demand for hardware products in China will gradually change, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery deadline will have higher requirements, and gradually extended to the production process and product research and development, product and environmental protection, energy resources and human environment. And the huge market and gravity center status, will further attract metal transfer to Chinese multinational company manufacturing center. With foreign enterprises in the integration will improve the quality of China hardware products and the enterprise competitiveness. Continues to expand at the same time, the United States, Japan and other traditional markets in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa and so on will fully bloom.
intensified, capital expansion,
our country after the accession to the wto, under the environment of global competition, in order to improve the competitiveness, industrial capital became an important topic of industry operation. Supor, vantage has listed, macro treasure are also listed for positive efforts, and capital market operation will not stop for restructuring with YueMei, failure. From the capital point of view, the current main characteristic is the expansion of the capital increase in.
, increased cooperation between enterprises in the
from the point of view of competition, cooperation between enterprises resource sharing are on the rise, on the one hand, manufacturers to strengthen the control of the retail terminal, strive to reduce the sales link, save the cost of sales, sales channels to develop in the direction of specialization, the company sales mode develop in a direction can adapt to various market at the same time. Sales, on the other hand, the development trend of the large home appliance chain's status is rising, the control of the industry, participate in and caused mainly by the manufacturer before dominate the price competition. Large retailers with its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantages, in terms of product pricing, payment for goods delivery will be increasingly enhance its capability of control of the production enterprises. As a lower level of small and medium-sized enterprises in this trend will be at a competitive disadvantage.
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