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Stainless steel wire mesh products and applications is introduced

Stainless steel wire mesh products and applications is introduced

material: stainless steel wire mesh product introduction of stainless steel wire mesh, nickel wire, brass wire. Mainly used for gas, liquid filtration and separation with other media.
according to JB/T&mdash machinery; Standards organizations production, the standard reference to adopt international standards IS / & ndash; 。
wire weaving weft wire together densely arranged in dense mesh, plain weave and twill weave the two methods.
stainless steel heat, acid, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Because of these features, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in the
mining, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

stainless steel wire mesh product categories, plain weave stainless steel wire mesh: is the most common method of weaving, the main feature is the density of warp and weft wire diameter is the same.
stainless steel square wire mesh, stainless steel square wire mesh is suitable for the petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy,
the pharmaceutical and food industries, stainless steel wire mesh, cloth woven into a variety of specifications, has a good acid and alkali resistance,
high temperature resistant, strong tensile resistance and wear resistance performance.
the dense net stainless steel material: stainless steel wire weaving: plain weave stainless steel dense mesh, twill woven stainless steel dense mesh, braided stainless steel dense bamboo flower net, contrast woven stainless steel dense network.
performance: has the characteristics of filtering performance is stable, fine.
application: used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. Our factory can design and production of various types of products according to the needs of users.
stainless steel net classification according to the weaving:
, plain weave, twilled weave, plain Dutch weave, twilled Dutch weave, stainless steel wire mesh, plain weave. Twill weave, the specifications of the stainless steel wire mesh mesh mesh.
made of SUS, SUS, SUSL, SUS, etc.
application: used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and filter, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling nets
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