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In the process of crack and protection plays an important effect is well known, stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh in the produce and life has been widely used, but there are a lot of building materials. Why steel wire using so much? What is the advantage of using the wire mesh? First, stainless steel wire mesh is made of silk materials, has must softness. It can be used to fixed pipe has high coefficient of thermal conductivity. In cement, stainless steel wire mesh can expand and shorten, can be used in cement, and then advances the tensile strength of cement. In addition, the use of wire mesh can progress the tensile strength and the strength of the earth, and advance the bearing capacity of the earth. In the process of crack and protection, steel net plays a very important effect. In the process of crack and protection plays an important effect types. the stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh is widely used, especially on the wall of the building. How do we plant them? The first step is to put plastic on the ground first, and then put reflective layer on the foil. In the end, the laying of steel wire net, best first pipelines and cables, and then fixed them, in the future will be able to do the beautiful processing. Galvanized wire mesh material for low carbon steel wire, use special instrument and special instrument welded together. After processed into mesh, appearance is chosen galvanized processing, products with smooth surface, common mesh scale, strong integrity, structure. Even adding to pressure on the parts, it will not loosen. This is a very good building materials.
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