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Stainless steel wire mesh mainly performance characteristics __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Leakage gas - Stainless steel net leakage rate, reducing heat cost, advance the cool frequency. Fire retardant - Stainless steel wire mesh is not burning, fire prevention. Stainless steel net chemical reduced to acid, alkali, degradation of various kinds of organic solvents. Net stainless steel stainless steel net fire 'stability is good, Elongation coefficient is less than 5 ‰) And high strength. With outstanding machine characteristics. Stainless steel wire mesh resistance to bending fatigue, can be used for small wheel diameter. Stainless steel wire mesh preparation resistance, non-toxic. Can be resistant to all items. The viscosity: stainless steel wire mesh is not easy to adhere to any material. Easy to sweep wash resistance the table back to a variety of soil, stains or other appendages. Paste, resin, paint period syndrome should all sticky material can be briefly cleaning; 8, used for low temperature - High temperature 196 ℃, 1200 ℃, stainless steel wire mesh has a climate resistance, anti-aging. Through actual use, such as continuous operation under 1250 ℃ high temperature operation, not only the strength of stainless steel net will become low, and stainless steel net weight don't reduce; Under the 750 ℃ high temperature, in - Under the 180 ℃ cryogenic operation and can stick to the original features.
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