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Stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in the countryside

Stainless steel wire mesh, with its variety of specifications, low prices, strong strong features, convenient and simple to deep processing. Widely used in the social from all walks of life. Now in the rural development also has improved rapidly. Now the rural living standards also improved. At the same time also promote the rapid development of stainless steel wire mesh in the countryside. Into the countryside, you can feel it everywhere. Once upon a time, farmhouse wall are lay bricks. Now many are changed to stainless steel wire mesh fence. It not only reduces the cost, but also beautify the environment. Good builds with stainless steel wire mesh fence around some climbing tiger, slowly crawling the entire fence, a piece of green, very beautiful. Is also available in stainless steel wire fence around some towel gourd, balsam pear, cucumber, grape gourd vine, etc. They not only beautify the environment, and increase the income. The most important thing is that eating these home grown vegetables, fruit is very fresh. This is a kill two birds with one stone. Stainless steel wire mesh can also be used to raise cattle. Pigs, for example, using pig bed nets, chicken net, as a bird with a net, stainless steel wire net hole and width can be selectively have more advantages than other wire mesh products, also more economical. Stainless steel wire mesh has great contribution in the food store. Remember when I was a child, the home use made of sorghum stalk scarf 笣 into food store to store the ear of corn. Later develop into with the brick build by laying bricks or stones into corn hoarding. Now all into the granary of stainless steel wire mesh. Food is stored in the granary stainless steel wire mesh, it has the very good ventilated permeability. The ear of corn will soon dry. This store of corn color not only special bright. And good quality. Stainless steel wire mesh is stored corn ear so ideal store tools.

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