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by:Candurs     2020-07-22
The structure features of stainless steel net gate, the main products are: mesh, stainless steel net, steel net, hook and net, touch welding net, welded wire mesh, aluminum net, Meg nets, puncture wire, barbed wire, conveyer belt mesh, barbecue wire mesh, copper wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, woven wire mesh, nylon mesh, filter net, six Angle net, stone cage net, net, steel, steel plate and steel grille plate, plastic flat net, sunshade, gauze net, building safety net, geotextile, geogrid, deep screen processing, etc. Products are widely used in national defense, industry, factory, railway, highway protection, coal, mining, paper making, food production, machinery, medical, aquaculture, Marine, aerospace, petroleum, chemical fiber, building engineering, plastic, environmental protection, printing, powder metallurgy, filter, such as agricultural and sideline occupation. Garden, shopping center, electronics, electrical appliances and other related professional and build professional yield discussion category. Skill personnel attach more importance to the skills of screen mesh, mesh sieve sieve plate general selection screen, the effect of separation is much higher than other mesh, the stature is higher than other types of screen mesh equipment. Flat pick use skills more complex, mixed and disorderly, general equipped with multi-layer sieve and composite material, super structure, sieve fission in the light, is half the other mesh sieve plate used in machine. Filtered water after protection and low cost of repair, replacement is convenient to spray water specification; The maximum power consumption is 15 screen machine. 14立方米/分钟; When the machine operation is not affected by water sloshing of trouble; Choose machine has to remove fine material, selection of machine is not easy to block; Sieving machine cost is low; Then enter the complete closed loop system. Action to save and homework fiber back will also be able to cut emissions and pure green products, operating temperature.
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