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Stainless steel wire mesh in the role of building crack

House building external wall thermal insulation is to avoid the main points of the construction quality of building external wall thermal insulation layer deformation, leading to the outer present cracks, water seepage, aging, etc. So the thermal insulation layer and cohesion between house building of grass-roots work is top priority. The current house building external wall thermal insulation construction presents the following problems:

swell EPS board is a kind of economical and practical, features excellent building insulation materials, the tensile compressive strength is higher, simple processing production for other model. When the construction of foreign trade of the plaster layer cracks usually present because metope construction smoothness shortages, cause the anti-crack mortar because of insulation layer thickness and temperature of elastic stress. EPS plate transverse and longitudinal metasomatism of local appear cracks. And thick wall plaster chapter show cracks, because the thickness too thick to cause a decline in mucilage flexibility, and shorten the EPS board will appear crack. Product quality in the construction process of EPS board did not reach the relevant standards, can also lead to crack of plastering layer. This situation not only affects the building of open, also severely damaged protective layer, shorten the house built of use fixed number of year.
stainless steel wire mesh is a must in the house facade system heat preservation effect. Stainless steel wire mesh quality level and use durability and its function has a direct link. If it is in the house building external wall thermal insulation construction of hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh with polystyrene board is too small, the gap between mucilage or made of stainless steel wire mesh in the plastering layer outside will hinder the stainless steel wire mesh in the outer wall heat preservation effect, leading to external impact strength is limited, in the simple present cracks of stainless steel wire mesh the joint.

because in the process of construction design and construction of building external wall thermal insulation construction details not enough attention, which leads to some nodes as well as special parts present construction problems, for example at the edge of the balcony floor beam, simple present thermal bridge in areas such as the air conditioning board. The house with the metope of the room close to the outer wall of the water has not been vertical moistureproof processing, resulting in external wall thermal insulation layer for freezing and thawing, constitute an empty drum, fall off, etc.
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