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Stainless steel wire mesh has been loved by people, the corrosion, the corrosion features especially prized stainless steel net with smooth surface brightness and will not rust, can resist extreme weather. So, so good product, but also must have its special processing, stainless steel wire mesh is after heat treatment is the characteristics of the it. Heat treatment technology in the whole process of stainless steel wire mesh production is also a key ring, after explosive welding of stainless steel wire mesh strength, higher hardness. Plastic is reduced, not conducive to the subsequent straightening and use requirement. Heat treatment process actually is to eliminate the internal stress of composite after explosion. Improve the plastic. But the general stainless steel has its own system of solid solution treatment. Inevitably clashed with carbon steel heat treatment system, such as ultra-low carbon duplex 00 crl8ni5m. 3512, 00 cr22ni5m03n under 950 y separation Fe - longer stay easy Cr gold between the brittle phase, serious deterioration of stainless steel and plastic, intergranular corrosion resistance and other properties, and the carbon structural steel general normalizing temperature near the 890 y, long overtemperature heating leads to coarse grains, lower toughness. Like this combination in the choice of heat treatment temperature, holding time and cooling system is particularly important. In addition, the system of heat treatment of stainless steel wire mesh has a great influence on shear strength and, with 1 crl8ni8t1 + 16 mn steel network as an example, in the heat treatment temperature higher than 400 degrees, due to the grass-roots appear coarse grains, cause shear strength significantly decreased, but the impact toughness, bending resistance, elongation along with the increase of heat treatment temperature can be obviously improved.
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