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What is a stainless steel wire mesh filter, how to understand the degree of stainless steel wire mesh filter when stainless steel wire mesh used as stainless steel filter, it can block most minimum diameter size solid particles, called stainless steel wire mesh filter. Square hole stainless steel wire mesh filter degree is the mesh size. Mesh size of the actual value, directly affect the degree of filtering. There are three kinds of stainless steel wire mesh filter degrees: nominal filtration, absolute filtration degrees, the actual filtering. Nominal filter degree of ( Also known as nominal diameter) : refers to the stainless steel dense mesh weaving section, warp/weft weaving of triangle inscribed circle diameter of holes. Absolute degree ( Also known as absolute aperture) : refers to the lp twill weave net section. Adjacent two weft and warp of triangle hole on the inclined plane of the maximum inscribed circle diameter. Actual filter degree: refers to the dense net under the condition of the actual use of filter. For a specific specifications of the lp stainless steel filter, when using the condition changes, with the actual specifications of lp stainless steel wire mesh filter also changes accordingly. The dense net actual filtration, affected by temperature, pressure difference, length of time of use, medium viscosity, filter hole bending times directly affect the conditions of use, such as, therefore, the actual filter is a variable value.
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